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Capabilities Statement

Married to the Ring, LLC

Tanya E. Williamson, MBA

Chief Visionary Officer and Owner

Office: 888-421-2220

Email:  info@marriedtothering.com

DUNS: 081134745

NAICS Codes: 624190, 812990


Core Competencies

Comprehensive training designed to help couples and singles achieve their goals in relationships and family.

Comprehensive training designed to teach individuals how to nurture and build successful, productive professional relationships in the workplace.

Our Curriculum Includes:

Prep 8.0

Curriculum for couples

Within Our Reach

Curriculum to help disadvantaged couples achieve their goals in relationships, family, and marriage.

Within My Reach

Curriculum to help individuals in four ways:

to help those in viable relationships to cultivate, protect, and stabilize their union;

to help those in damaging relationships to leave safely;

to help those who desire a romantic relationship and/or marriage in the future to choose partners wisely;

and to empower individuals to decide about, rather than slide through, major relationship transitions.

Got Your Back

Curriculum provides military with relationship intelligence skills training. Got Your Back is all about never leaving a friend to face an enemy alone, whether that enemy is substance abuse, depression, harassment, loneliness or any other enemy of success.  But the concept is not just about watching out for others, but also making sure individuals have healthy people watching their back, too.

On My Shoulders

Curriculum designed to give fathers from a variety of backgrounds meaningful tools for being strong, effective fathers and co-parents.

Walking the Line

Curriculum designed to give male inmates the skills and tools necessary to help them deal in healthy ways with fellow inmates, prison staff, family, friends, and their children.

Winning the Workplace Challenge

Curriculum teaches participants what healthy work relationships look like. They will also learn how to communicate differing perspectives without jeopardizing healthy work relationships, learning to address issues as a team and to work effectively towards their shared goals.


  • Certified PREP® (Prevention and Relationship Education Program) Instructor
  • MBA Graduate
  • Seminars & Workshops presented in 50 states & overseas
  • Two-time published author
  • Former Corporate Executive


The PREP® Approach:

– Widely received worldwide in 15 countries.

– Translated into 5 languages.

– Widely used by a variety types of community groups serving local populations across the United States.  

– Approved and accepted for its use for the U.S. Military, Federal, DOD, State and Local government employees.

Acientifically-based and is an empirically-tested method of teaching relationship education.

Married to the Ring™ Signature Programs:

Custom designed virtual online curriculum for esteem building issues for women. Each participant leaves with a clear step-by-step plan over a 6-week period.

Global readiness program for wives and singles, with a proven framework over a 5-6-month period.

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