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Relationship Training for Corporations & Government

Relationships are created in every interaction between human beings, whether that takes place at a social event or in a boardroom. Working together effectively with others requires trust, communication, and healthy boundaries. We work with corporations, government entities, and military groups to teach their members to build the skills needed to work together to achieve organizational goals.


DUNS: 081134745     |     NAICS Codes: 624190, 812990



Workplace Relationship Training

Participants learn what healthy work relationships look like, how to communicate differing perspectives, address issues as a team, and to work effectively towards their shared goals.


Got Your Back

This relationship intelligence skills training is all about never leaving a friend to face an enemy alone, whether that enemy is substance abuse, depression, harassment, loneliness, or any other enemy of success.


Relationship Training

We teach male inmates the skills and tools necessary to help them deal in healthy ways with fellow inmates, prison staff, family, friends, and their children.

10% Improvement

After completing the Relational Intelligence Training with Married to the Ring, Rappaport conducted a survey of the 26 employees involved. Results indicated a 10% improvement in workplace communications.