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Relationship Training for
Faith-Based Organizations

Relationships are created in every interaction between human beings, whether that takes place in a community or in a relationship. Working together effectively with others requires trust, communication, and healthy boundaries. We work with faith-based organizations and their constituents to build the skills needed to work together to have happy, productive marriages and relationships with loved ones.

4-Part Seminar Series

This 4-part series of seminars helps to demonstrate that, as delightful as being married can be, married couples often have to fight FOR their marriages. Marriage is work! We show Christian couples how to find and draw out the best in each other in each chapter of their life (or round in the boxing ring!) and succeed even in the face of seemingly unbeatable odds.


  • Redeemed: Fight for Your Identity
  • Our Father: Fight to release the Pain and Receive True Love
  • Relentless: Fight through Love’s Raging Storms
  • The Knockout Blow: Fight Until You Win

Series Includes

  • Educational Curriculum
  • Participant Workbook
  • Personality Assessment
  • Activities

What’s Included

Private Facebook Community

Join Tanya in a private community with other wives to give you the accountability and support you need. You are not alone!

Lifetime Access to all Training Recordings

You get lifetime access to all training recordings. You get lifetime access to all the calls and recorded training.

Weekly Q&A

In addition to the weekly trainings, you will have an additional Q&A call to answer any questions and provide support for you throughout the program.


Are the sessions in person?

No. The sessions will be conducted live on a weekly basis via zoom video.

Is there an extra charge for Zoom?

No. You would need to download the application onto your mobile, computer or laptop device.


You will be able to obtain a refund of your deposit or funds paid (if paid in full) prior to the official session start date. Once the live sessions begin, you will not be able to obtain a refund for any reason other than Married to the Ring’s failure to provide the program.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential.

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time and effort that you devote to the program.

Our Minimum Guarantee

Unless otherwise noted, you have seven (7) days from the time your deposit is made to cancel your membership. If you decide to cancel your membership or participation for any reason other than a breach of contract and service Married to the Ring’s behalf (failure to provide and facilitate the program), Married to the Ring is under no obligation to provide a refund to you.

If you do not understand or agree with any of these conditions, please do not order this material. If you require further clarification, please contact info@marriedtothering.com.