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Married to the Ring®

“I just wanted to say I loved the book. I just got finish reading it, which I might say I’ve never read a book that fast. I enjoyed all 12 rounds and was able to get something out of each one. I even stopped on my way home to get a journal to start writing in. This spiritual book is really a must read and I thank all 12 women for sharing.”

Married to the Ring®

“I’m almost finished the book. It’s so, so good, inspiring and just really what ALL women need, to be honest. I’m going to buy a few copies and give them as gifts to my friends and my mother. This is the thing that I love the most about God, when He speaks and we BELIEVE Him, it’s ridiculous what manifests. From the first MTR, what He showed me is crazy and it happened much quicker than I expected. There’s no way I wouldn’t be there to witness it for myself.”

Married to the Ring®

“Real talk I never read a book so fast… So interesting… Relating… Transparent… Inspiring etc… This book is a movie in the making. No joke LMBO or LOL! This is my new birthday, Christmas and anniversary gift for everyone. I absolutely love this book”

Married to the Ring®

I am almost done, and I can’t put it down. Even if your marriage is tight, I would encourage everyone to read it, so you thank God for what you’ve been through and where you are today. Peace & blessings my people.

Married to the Ring®

I encourage folks my age (25+) to purchase and read up on this book. I see a lot of younger folks taking that next step.

Married to the Ring®

Although I am single, I am preparing myself to be a good wife. I am in love with this book.

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About the Book

In this first volume of Married to the Ring®, twelve women from various backgrounds come together to share their triumphant and riveting love stories with you. Each story honestly and shamelessly touches upon the many challenges faced by women today. The topics shared are sensitive, nonetheless, these courageous, wise women bear their hearts so that you can be encouraged and make the adjustments necessary to live with yourself and your lover in peace, joy, and victory. You do not have to suffer in silence. Married to the Ring® affirms that you are not alone and prepares you to walk boldly and confidently out of the hard places in your relationships and into your winning seasons. So lace up your gloves, open your book, and prepare to deliver the giants who have threatened your love life the ultimate knockout blow!

Contributing Authors

Round 1

Mrs. Yolanda Marshall

Round 2

Ms. Chardiney Wood

Delaware USAA, BLS, USAF

Round 3

Ms. Chinaza Duson

PCC, Disabled Veteran, USMC

Round 4

Mrs. Daphnee Daniel


Round 5

Elder Shea C. Robinson

Round 6

Ms. Tracey Renissa

Round 7

Pastor TemitOpe Ibrahim

Round 8

Evangelist Lakweshia Ewing


Round 9

Mrs. Verneda Hunter

Round 10

Mrs. Chrystal Pittman

Round 11

Pastor Lashele Evans


Round 12

Mrs. Tanya Williamson