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Innovative Boxing Ring Events

Baltimore, Maryland
September 2019

What people are saying…

“I got home and talked my husband’s head off about the awesome time I had at “Married to the Ring” event last night! When I tell you, this was one of the GREATEST women events I’ve been too, BELIEVE ME! The women, the freedom, the safety, the laughter, the tears, the breakthroughs, the sharing, the stories the bonding.”

“I was blessed along with so many of the women in the room! Hearts and mindsets SHIFTED because of your obedience to God. It is a safe platform where women are not judged, they feel comfortable to share, love, empty out and leave FULL. Thank you Gerald and Tanya Williamson.”

“Thank you for including me to be a part of a Spirit filled, beautiful event. You are the premier example of one who moves on the visions and words that God provides and speaks. You are an awesome person as God is so much better than good!”

Coming to a City Near You!

We have hosted boxing ring events in the following cities and plan to continue hosting around the world!

Atlanta, Georgia

Alexandria, Virginia

Wilmington, Delaware

Baltimore, MD

Manchester, United Kingdom

Check Back In for Updates!